New PS5 update rolling out with 1440p support, gamelists, and UX improvements

Sony is rolling out a new PS5 system software update that includes 1440p resolution support, a new gamelists feature, and UX and social improvements. Testing for 1440p on PS5 first started in July, and now all PS5 owners will be able to access the software update. The new 1440p option allows PS5 owners to pick […]

Sony’s new PS5 has been totally redesigned inside and uses less power

Sony has totally revamped the internal design of its latest PS5 models. A revised PS5 model started appearing in Australia last month, and now YouTuber Austin Evans has taken a look at the internals and discovered a lot of changes. Sony is using a new, smaller motherboard for the PS5, different cooling, and has even […]

The first phone maker to add satellite texting to its devices is… Huawei

Huawei has announced the Mate 50 series, a day ahead of Apple’s September event and with a feature that the iPhone 14 is expected to offer: the ability to send texts via satellite communication. The Mate 50 and Mate 50 Pro will be able to send short texts and utilize navigation thanks to China’s global […]

Google CEO Sundar Pichai on the search giant’s future

Google CEO Sundar Pichai is about to appear at Vox Media’s annual Code Conference in Beverly Hills, California for a wide-ranging interview with Kara Swisher. As always, there is a lot to discuss. As the head of both Google and its parent company Alphabet, Pichai oversees one of the most expansive companies in the world. […]

How Cloudflare got Kiwi Farms wrong

Today let’s talk about Kiwi Farms, Cloudflare, and whether infrastructure providers ought to take more responsibility for content moderation than they have generally taken. I. Kiwi Farms is a nearly 10-year-old web forum, founded by a former administrator for the popular QAnon wasteland 8chan, that has become notorious for waging online harassment campaigns against LBGT […]

How The Merge will slash Ethereum’s climate pollution

Ethereum just set The Merge in motion — and the stakes are huge for the planet. The Merge is arguably one of the most anticipated events yet in cryptocurrency history, when the Ethereum blockchain will switch from a disturbingly energy-hungry method of validating transactions to a new strategy that uses a fraction of the electricity […]

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet is now available in parts of NYC, Boston, and Philadelphia

T-Mobile is expanding its 5G home internet service to 64 cities in several states in the Northeast, reaching residents in Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. This latest expansion in coverage gives more than 9 million homes access to T-Mobile’s internet, the company says. However, as our review last year showed, that […]