Remembering all those times Google said it was committed to Stadia

/ People have been wondering if Stadia would stick around basically since it launched. Google had offered plenty of reassurances, but turns out that they didn’t mean much. In the end, were we not the ones getting played?Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge Come January, Google will be shutting down its Stadia cloud […]

Food delivery drone lands on power lines resulting in power outage for thousands

/ The drone was operated by Wing, a subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet. Power was shut down to inspect the network. A food delivery drone operated by Alphabet subsidiary Wing landed on overhead power lines in Brisbane, Australia, and caught fire. As a result, the network was shut down by energy firm Energex to […]

Hyper officially recalls its stackable (and overheating) GaN chargers after all

/ One of its 130W USB-C battery packs is also affected The chargers were designed to stack to offer up to 1600W of charging power.Image: Hyper Hyper is officially recalling its stackable 100W and 65W GaN chargers and a 130W battery pack, following reports that all three devices can overheat and may pose a fire […]

Eufy’s impressive new smart cameras use AI to identify you and your pets

/ The Edge Security System leverages machine-learning for facial recognition, people, pet, and vehicle detection on its new 4K cameras. It also has free, local storage and is backward-compatible with most existing Eufy cameras. Image: Eufy Smart home company Eufy’s new wireless security camera, the EufyCam 3, bumps up the resolution to 4K and adds […]

NASA is studying whether SpaceX can visit the Hubble Space Telescope

/ The feasibility study will examine whether or not SpaceX can give Hubble a boost The Hubble Space TelescopeImage: NASA SpaceX and NASA have agreed to figure out whether or not a SpaceX ship could visit and potentially breathe new life into the iconic Hubble Space Telescope. They announced that they were partnering on a […]

Google Stadia never mattered, and it never had a chance

Google had big plans for its cloud gaming service, but it never tipped the scales. Soon, Google will be shutting it down. Share this story Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service will soon be no more, as the company announced that it’s shutting down the service early next year. Google touted ambitious plans when Stadia launched, […]

Intel’s RTX 3060 competitor is priced at just $289

/ Intel is trying to beat Nvidia on performance per dollar Intel’s Arc A750 arrives next month.Image: Intel Intel surprised PC gamers earlier this week with $329 pricing for its top Arc A770 GPU, matching Nvidia’s RTX 3060 retail pricing. While it’s still difficult to find an RTX 3060 at $329, Intel is now undercutting […]

Soon you can buy a Peloton at Dick’s

/ This is the first time Peloton will be available in-store from an outside retailer. In August, Peloton started selling its bikes, treadmills, and other workout gear via Amazon. Peloton continues to expand outside of its own marketplace.Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge In August, Peloton partnered with Amazon to sell its bikes and […]