Can software simplify the supply chain? Ryan Petersen thinks so

The Flexport CEO’s tweetstorm changed how a major US port moves your stuff Share this story Illustration by Will Joel / The Verge Ryan Petersen is currently the CEO of Flexport. Flexport builds software that integrates all the different shipping vendor systems you might run into as you try to get a product from a […]

Hacker steals $160 million from crypto trading firm Wintermute

/ A series of unauthorized transactions sent tens of millions of dollars of USD Coin, Tether, Wrapped ETH, and other cryptocurrencies to the attacker’s wallet Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge In the latest eye-watering crypto heist, Wintermute, a market-making firm, has been hacked for $160 million, according to its CEO. Early Tuesday morning, […]

Texas has teed up a Supreme Court fight for the future of the internet

Policy/ Speech / A long-awaited, deeply frustrating ruling finally comes out Photo by Erin Schaff-Pool / Getty Images Late last week, a US court effectively declared social media moderation illegal in Texas. The ruling doesn’t change anything for now. But it just set the stage for a Supreme Court decision that could transform the internet. […]

Saving the planet could be blockchain’s killer app – Cointelegraph Magazine

The sustainability movement has emerged as a 21st century megatrend, and it shows no signs of abating. Record heat in Europe, wildfires in the U.S. West, floods in Pakistan, drought in China, and accelerating ice cap melt in Greenland and Antarctica have driven home to many the looming threat of climate change.   Meanwhile, the New […]

AMD announces Ryzen 7020 mobile processors for “the everyday laptop”

Tech/ Gadgets / New chips with not-new architecture The first of the Ryzen 7000 seriesImage: AMD AMD has announced its new “Mendocino” Ryzen 7020 and Athlon 7020 series of mobile processors. The chips, competing with the likes of Intel’s Core i3, are meant to power lower-cost and lower-powered devices — in the words of AMD’s […]

Spotify now sells audiobooks

/ Spotify launches its next big audio vertical, and Serial returns to cover the release of Adnan Syed Spotify is launching audiobooks within the app.Image: Spotify There is a lot happening today, so I won’t dally. Spotify is finally launching its audiobooks feature, Adnan Syed of Serial is free, and we are opening up the […]

Slack’s new Canvas feature puts a document editor in your chat window

Tech/ Slack / It’s not quite Google Docs, but it’s much more than a messenger A canvas is a document that lives inside — and works with — Slack.Image: Slack Slack is becoming a document editor. The Salesforce-owned company announced today at its developer conference that it is building a new feature, called Canvas, that […]

Here’s another example of the frustrating ‘Adobe upsell’

/ No, we haven’t forgotten Quick Share. Yes, we’re still mad about it. Adobe is under fire for removing features from it’s services.Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images Adobe has come under fire by Sebastiaan de With, co-founder of popular iOS camera app Halide, for removing Apple’s ubiquitous AirDrop sharing feature from […]

Peloton Row hands-on: pretty much what you’d expect

It’s $3,195 Share this story The Peloton Row comes with a 23-inch HD touchscreen that you can swivel for floor workouts.Photo by Victoria Song / The Verge Everybody knew that a Peloton rower was coming. In fact, it’s been rumored for so long that even chief product officer Tom Cortese told The Verge the rower […]