Amazon is tightening its ebook return policy to thwart BookTok

Tech/ Amazon / Automatic returns only apply if you’ve read 10 percent of a book or less Amazon’s Logo.Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Amazon plans to limit automatic ebook returns to cases where people have read no more than 10 percent of the book, according to the Authors Guild. The change, which follows […]

I briefly played with Logitech’s new G Cloud Gaming Handheld

/ I spent 10 minutes with Logitech’s new handheld that’s made for cloud-streamed gaming. It’s cool, but I’m not convinced that it’s $350 cool. When you’re in the Xbox Cloud Gaming app, the yellow Logitech button pulls up the Xbox shade as if you were playing on a console.Photo by Cameron Faulkner / The Verge […]

Valve overhauls Steam’s stats page with new real-time charts

/ You can now check out live charts of the top selling and most played games. Valve’s stats page for its Steam storefront now has real-time charts showing both the top-selling and most played games at any given moment. You can look at the new stats page right here. As I write this, the top-selling […]

Apple has picked up the next show from Breaking Bad’s creator

/ It’s Vince Gilligan’s next big project after Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul The Untitled Vince Gilligan Project is now in officially in the works.Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for TNT Apple has picked up the next show from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul creator Vince Gilligan. The two-season Apple TV Plus show, […]

The Dynamic Island is already available on Android devices

/ Developer Jawomo has made an app that brings Apple’s Dynamic Island to Android devices — aesthetically at least The DynamicSpot app gives Android users their own private island.Image: Jawomo I’ve always been on team Android, but every so often, Apple rolls out a feature that makes me just a little jealous. Thankfully, with the […]

Amazon Fire 7 review: a budget tablet for the basics

Sure, it’s slow, and the screen is low-res and dim, but it’s the best tablet you can get for $59.99. At this price, decent is perfectly fine. After three years, Amazon’s finally updated its most affordable tablet: the Fire 7. Starting at $59.99 ($74.99 without lockscreen ads), the new model costs slightly more than its […]

TikTok pulls posts for weight loss drugs that reached kids

/ Migraine and epilepsy drugs were promoted for weight loss Nick Barclay / The Verge TikTok allowed content promoting prescription drugs as weight loss aids to reach teenagers, according to a report by The Pharmaceutical Journal. The journal set up a new TikTok account, indicating to the platform that the user was a 16-year-old girl […]

How fiber-optic cables helped researchers eavesdrop on whales

Science/ Tech / Repurposing these cables could unveil how whales are doing in the Arctic in real time A baleen whale swimming in Alaska. Many species of baleen whales, like the one pictured above, spend time in the Arctic region.Image: Planet One Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images Scientists have been “eavesdropping” on whales in […]

Instagram’s recovering from some major problems

/ Users experienced crashing and other odd behavior. It’s not just you.Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Instagram is recovering from some issues that have affected users trying to open its app on their iPhone or Android devices. Users on Reddit reported that the app was continually crashing, making it difficult for them to […]