Apple settles lawsuit over its App Store moderation and power

Developer and App Store critic Kosta Eleftheriou has settled his lawsuit with Apple, according to a report from TechCrunch. The suit, filed in March 2021, argued that Apple made it difficult for him to sell his app, Flicktype, on the App Store, after it seemingly lost interest in acquiring the tech. The lawsuit alleged that […]

Microsoft confirms new Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan and its pricing

After a leak revealed Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family branding over the weekend, Microsoft has gone official with its new plan and revealed its pricing in Ireland and Colombia. The new subscription will allow Xbox Game Pass members to share with up to four other friends or family members at €21.99 per month in […]

The T-Mobile / Sprint merger hasn’t created jobs — it’s cut thousands

The Wall Street Journal reports T-Mobile’s engineering and network operations teams are experiencing waves of layoffs, which have included managers and executives, on top of thousands of jobs eliminated by restructuring after the company merged with Sprint in 2020. T-Mobile execs promised then that the merger was “all about creating new, high-quality, high-paying jobs, and […]

Sennheiser’s more-affordable soundbar is still a premium-sounding beast

Sennheiser’s debut soundbar, released in 2019, was a niche product for a couple of reasons. The first was the price. At $2,499.95, it rivaled the cost of many traditional surround sound systems comprised of AV receivers and multiple speakers. But perhaps more important was its size. I say this with love, but the original Ambeo […]

Microsoft Edge’s new sidebar banishes recipe stories, shows you email

Microsoft has added a new sidebar to its Edge browser with buttons that let you see information about a site, check your email, access Microsoft Office, and even strip the essential elements of a recipe out of an overly long post (via Windows Central). The new feature seems to build on the “Search in sidebar” […]

Lenovo’s Glasses T1 let you bring a private big screen display with you

Lenovo is the latest company promoting a USB-C monitor made for your face. The company’s new Glasses T1 put a Full HD OLED screen in front of each of your eyes and were revealed today during IFA and on Lenovo’s virtual showcase. This wearable private display, as Lenovo puts it, is very much like other […]

Next-gen USB promises to be twice as fast, using cables you may already own

The next version of USB could be one of the fastest connectors we’ve seen yet. The USB Promoter Group says that USB 4 version 2 will be capable of speeds up to 80 Gbps, double what the original USB 4, and even Thunderbolt 4, are capable of. The actual technical specification from the USB Implementers […]

Micron launches $15 billion Idaho project amid federal push for US tech manufacturing

On Thursday, Micron announced that it would invest $15 billion to build a new semiconductor plant in Idaho — just weeks after Congress passed $52 billion in new money to boost domestic chip manufacturing. Micron’s announcement is just the latest in a series of multi-billion-dollar plans to jump on the Biden administration’s recently approved CHIPS […]

House of the Dragon co-showrunner Miguel Sapochnik has left the show

Though House of the Dragon reportedly gave HBO its biggest premiere of all time and has already been renewed for a second season, co-showrunner Miguel Sapochnik’s getting ready to exit the series for his next big thing. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sapochnik is leaving House of the Dragon just as he’s signed a new […]

Sennheiser’s new $1,500 Ambeo Soundbar Plus will probably sound incredible

When it comes to getting the most immersive audio presentation from a standalone soundbar, no one has managed to outclass Sennheiser’s Ambeo. And considering that device’s sky-high $2,500 price, you’d expect it to deliver a sublime home theater experience. At IFA 2022, Sennheiser is adding to the Ambeo lineup by introducing the new Ambeo Soundbar […]