Cleaning up crypto: How much enforcement is too much? – Cointelegraph Magazine

Many blockchain companies now believe that regulation is inevitable, but there’s a growing debate over where to draw the line between protecting users and strangling the lifeblood out of the industry — or forcing it outside the United States.  “Whether we like it or not, regulation is coming,” Sheila Warren of the Crypto Council for […]

Star Wars spinoff Andor has a new trailer and a new premiere date

This morning, Disney released a new trailer for Andor, the next big Star Wars series on Disney Plus — and with it comes news that the show has been delayed by nearly a month. Andor was previously pegged for a premiere on August 31st, but the new clip says that it will debut with a […]

Things we’ve learned working from home

When we started working from home in March 2020, many of us who had not worked at home before may have begun with certain assumptions about what it would be like and what we would need. It’s now over two years later, and while we’re now able to spend time in the office, most of […]

How to troubleshoot your home’s Wi-Fi

The coronavirus pandemic is now in its third year, which means that many former commuters are now in their third year of working from home. Even folks who are back in the office a few days a week are often working from home more than they did before the pandemic started. If your Wi-Fi is […]

Google Search’s built-in timer has disappeared and no one’s saying why

Until recently, one of the most convenient ways to set a timer was to simply search for one on Google. Punch in a query like “10 minute timer,” and, hey presto, you’d get a ten-minute timer. But last month, reports started to emerge that this feature had disappeared from Google without warning. Search Engine Roundtable […]

What does Tim Hortons think your data is worth? A coffee and donut, apparently

Tim Hortons, the Canadian fast food chain accused of using its mobile app to collect “vast amounts of sensitive location data” in violation of Canadian privacy laws, says it’s reached a proposed settlement in the resulting class action lawsuits, Vice reports. To make up for tracking users, recording their movements “every few minutes” even when […]

What is a Ethereum and how does it work?

In this article, I’m going to get you up to speed with the cryptocurrency that’s making waves all over the internet. Ethereum is a digital currency that has jumped in value faster than any other cryptocurrency in history. If you want some of the sweet gains made by this digital coin, then read on to […]