How to send a confidential message on Gmail

Google uses TLS (what is called standard encryption) to keep your emails relatively safe in transit. (The service does also have the more secure S/MIME encryption, but it’s only available for business and educational institutions.) There are, however, other ways you can keep your personal data a little safer, and one is by using Google’s […]

Gummies are the next teen nicotine threat, feds say

Flavored gummies are the new nicotine product in the crosshairs of the Food and Drug Administration, which is continuing its years-longcrackdown on nicotine use by teens and young adults. The agency announced today that it issued a warning letter to Krave Nic, which sells gummies containing 1 milligram of nicotine each in three flavors — […]

Instagram gets mean about sending video clips to TikTok

Instagram is tired of creators making their videos in Reels and then heading over to TikTok. While using Reels this week, The Verge discovered that when trying to download an edited clip to an iPhone, the audio from the clip disappeared. This means if you want to export the footage from Reels to use in […]

Verizon’s Visible is ending its incredible Party Pay deal

Verizon is making some big changes to its Visible cell service, which is meant to be a simpler and more affordable alternative to the carrier’s mainline options. On Wednesday, it replaced Visible’s single plan with two options, called Visible and Visible Plus, and is doing away with the Party Pay discount that let most of […]

The James Webb Space Telescope runs JavaScript, apparently

It turns out that JavaScript, the programming language that web developers and users alike love to complain about, had a hand in delivering the stunning images that the James Webb Space Telescope has been beaming back to Earth. And no, I don’t mean that in some snarky way, like that the website NASA hosts them […]

Corsair’s first gaming laptop is the start of something good

Corsair makes a lot of things that PC gamers need: RAM, storage, mice and keyboards, headsets, and more. The company also owns Elgato, the brand behind the Stream Deck command center. And now, perhaps inevitably, it makes a laptop: the Voyager A1600. Corsair whipped up the design in-house, and it’s packed with Corsair parts and […]

Save 30 percent on a one-year subscription of HBO Max

New HBO Max owner Warner Bros. Discovery has been playing fast and loose with content recently on the streaming service as a result of fallout from the messy megamerger. Even though it’s been shedding shows and movies from the service to save money — and even canceling late-stage projects — it’s trying to course-correct any […]

You can save $50 on this Xbox Series S bundle at Adorama

If you’re still on the hunt for an Xbox, our deals team has got you covered. The Xbox Series S, the slimmer and paler cousin of the Series X, is on sale right now at Adorama for $249.99 instead of its usual $299.99. Discounts as steep as this are pretty rare, making this a great […]

All the YouTube Shorts you repost to TikTok will now tell on you

YouTube knows you’re resharing videos you made on YouTube Shorts — and the company wants to be credited. In a post about new features shared yesterday, a YouTube representative said that the company would start adding watermarks to Shorts videos when a creator downloads them. Some creators will make short-form videos in one app, download […]