Counting calories is going to get harder with MyFitnessPal

The popular nutrition and weight loss app MyFitnessPal is moving its free barcode scanning feature behind the paywall. For years, users with free accounts have been able to use this tool to scan food barcodes for easy logging and tracking of daily calorie intake, but the company recently announced that beginning October 1st, a premium […]

The Umbrella Academy’s upcoming season 4 will be its last

Though Netflix has picked up The Umbrella Academy for a fourth season that will continue the story of the Hargreeves family, the next chapter will be the series’ last. Netflix announced today that its live-action adaptation of Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s The Umbrella Academy will come to an end with its upcoming fourth season […]

Tesla wants videos of its cars running over child-sized dummies taken down

Tesla is demanding that an advocacy group remove videos of its vehicles running over child-sized mannequins, escalating the debate over the safety of the company’s Full Self-Driving software. Tesla sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Dawn Project, an anti-Tesla group fronted by software developerr Dan O’Dowd. In it, the company alleges the videos are defamatory […]

HP’s first “IPS Black” monitor really stands out with Thunderbolt 4

HP isn’t the first company to debut a monitor with an IPS Black panel, a technology that doubles the contrast ratio of IPS to provide richer contrast and darker blacks. Dell has that distinction. However, HP’s 31.5-inch Z32K G3 4K 60Hz monitor stands out with its Thunderbolt 4 support, allowing 100W charging and speedy 40Gbps […]

DeFi vs. CeFi: Decentralization for the win? – Cointelegraph Magazine

“The collapse of crypto shadow banks like Celsius demonstrated just how problematic centralized, opaque finance can be,” says Sunny Aggarwal of Osmosis DEX. Centralized finance platforms have taken a huge credibility hit due to poor risk controls, but decentralized finance protocols haven’t escaped unscathed either. So, is DeFi or CeFi likely to emerge stronger from […]

Twitter is a mess — but in the Elon Musk trial, it might not matter

In a fight between rich tech guys who like to move fast and break things, there isn’t always a “good” side. This was underscored on Tuesday when Twitter’s former security head Peiter “Mudge” Zatko accused the company of hiding a wealth of risky behavior — and, in the process, put himself in the middle of […]

iHeartRadio is trying out a Fortnite “metaverse” concert arena

Radio juggernaut iHeartMedia is launching its own dedicated space in Fortnite to host events and concerts. The virtual park, which has been given the rather obnoxious name of iHeartLand, is being developed using the game’s creative mode and will feature several different areas. The park includes a main stage called State Farm Park (in collaboration […]

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s helicopters and gliders arrive on November 11th

Microsoft is adding helicopters and gliders to Microsoft Flight Simulator on November 11th. The 40th Anniversary Edition of the game will be available free to existing owners or Xbox Game Pass members and includes helicopters and gliders for the first time since 2006. “In addition to the helicopters and gliders, we will introduce another highly-requested […]

Google’s Nest Wifi mesh router bundles are up to $150 off right now

Tired of your Wi-Fi slowing down depending on where you are in your house? It might be a good idea to extend your Wi-Fi coverage, especially now that we’re currently seeing some excellent deals on Google’s Wi-Fi 5-capable Nest Wifi routers and Points. Right now, for instance, you can buy the Nest Wifi router and […]