Asus Zenfone 9 review: one for the small phone superfans

Unboxing the Asus Zenfone 9 was like meeting someone new and learning that you like the same obscure movies or went to the same high school. I could tell immediately we’d get along. “You’re IP68 and you have a headphone jack? No way! I love headphone jacks!” A lot of the attraction has to do […]

Netflix’s ad-supported tier could cost between $7 and $9 per month

Netflix’s forthcoming ad-supported tier may cost between $7 and $9 per month, according to a report from Bloomberg. Depending on which plan you currently pay for, that could be a significant savings; the company currently offers plans at $9.99, $15.49, and $19.99 per month. After the company reported that it lost subscribers for the first […]

Meta’s VP of Horizon is leaving the company

Meta’s Vivek Sharma, the company’s VP of its Horizon social VR platform, is leaving the company, as reported by Reuters. Meta spokesperson Bryan Pope confirmed Sharma’s departure to The Verge and said that Sharma is leaving to pursue an unrelated career opportunity. Sharma’s departure is happening at a somewhat awkward time for Horizon. The metaverse […]

NASA’s Space Launch System: everything to know about the big launch

NASA’s oft-delayed Space Launch System is scheduled to take off on its debut flight on August 29th, 2022. The megarocket is designed to launch vehicles into deep space, and its first mission is called Artemis I. It will be an uncrewed mission carrying the Orion space capsule deep into space and into a long orbit […]

PSA: Bandcamp Fridays are coming back

Bandcamp is bringing back its Bandcamp Fridays promotion where it waives its cut of any money you spend buying music from artists or their labels on its marketplace. Historically, the company ran the promotion on the first Friday of every month, and that appears to be the case this time around, too. According to its […]

LastPass confirms attackers stole some source code

Earlier this week, LastPass started notifying its users of a “recent security incident” where an “unauthorized party” used a compromised developer account to access parts of its password manager’s source code and “some proprietary LastPass technical information.” In a letter to its users, the company’s CEO Karim Toubba explains that its investigation hasn’t turned up […]