I am once again asking you to update your Apple devices

Well, here we are again: I’m writing an article to tell you that you should really update your iPhone, iPad, or Mac as soon as possible, because the latest software for them fixes some pretty nasty bugs. The security notes for iOS / iPadOS 15.6.1 and macOS 12.5.1 describe fixes for bugs in the OS’ […]

Here’s what Embracer Group can (and can’t) do with Lord of the Rings

Embracer Group’s purchase of Middle-earth Enterprises opens up a wealth of opportunities to put all kinds of new spins on the characters, stories, and places of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth. I am a horse girl at heart, and so a video game company purchasing the various rights to the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit […]

A new way to smash the “forever” out of “forever chemicals”

“Forever chemicals” have a reputation for being indestructible, persistent, and just about everywhere — including many places where they shouldn’t be, like our drinking water. But now, there’s excitement about a new way to essentially smash these molecules to bits so that they don’t cause environmental and health problems. It’s described in research published today […]

Sony has opened a public queue to buy the PlayStation 5

Update August 18th, 4:00PM ET: Sony has started another restock event, giving you another change to score a PlayStation 5. Click here to join the queue. It’s been a minute since Sony last offered the PlayStation 5 via its digital storefront. Last month, the company ran public restocks three days in a row, allowing anyone […]

John Fetterman’s Senate campaign has officially joined TikTok

Democratic Senate hopeful John Fetterman’s campaign to troll Republican opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz into defeat has dominated Facebook and Twitter over the last few weeks.But on Thursday, the campaign announced it is launching an official TikTok account to expand the reach of its already viral videos. The campaign formally launched the TikTok account with a […]

Def Con banned a social engineering star — now he’s suing

In February, when the Def Con hacker conference released its annual transparency report, the public learned that one of the most prominent figures in the field of social engineering had been permanently banned from attending. For years, Chris Hadnagy had enjoyed a high-profile role as the leader of the conference’s social engineering village. But Def […]

It looks like streaming ruled monthly TV viewing for the first time ever

More people spent their TV time watching a streaming service than cable or broadcast last month, according to a report from Nielsen (via The Wall Street Journal). The audience measurement company says that this is the first time ever that streaming services have accounted for the biggest chunk of people’s viewing habits. The report says […]

Lego’s new motorized lighthouse has a working fresnel lens

In 1822, Augustin Fresnel invented a lens made of ringed prisms that could concentrate beams of light more effectively than reflectors or huge convex pieces of glass. These days, they’re used in spotlights and even most VR headsets. But originally, he designed them for lighthouses — it’s the invention that’s said to have saved a […]

Embracer Group, the company forging one IP portfolio to rule them all, explained

The Embracer Group is a doozy of a media company. It’s 11 parent companies in a massive trench coat that are themselves composed of several more parent companies that own publishers and developers and the rights to video game franchises both AAA and indie. Earlier today, it added a bunch more companies to its roster […]