A major Rogers outage is affecting 911 calls and internet access in parts of Canada

Rogers has acknowledged a major outage in parts of Canada this morning, affecting cellular and internet connectivity. Downdetector has thousands of reports of issues with Rogers, and problems seem to have started at around 5AM ET. Another third-party service tracker is reporting Rogers outages across Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Rogers has not shared any specifics […]

You can now preorder the new 2022 MacBook Air

Apple’s 2022 MacBook Air with an updated design, M2 processor, MagSafe charging, and a slightly bigger display will soon be available for preorder, starting at $1,199. Preorders have begun, and orders placed will begin shipping Friday, July 15th. If you have a hard time preordering online for delivery (preorders don’t typically sell out, but ship […]

Microsoft rolls back blocking Office VBA macros by default

Microsoft is rolling back a planned change to block Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros by default in a variety of Office apps. Announced earlier this year, Microsoft had been planning to prevent Office users from easily enabling certain content in files downloaded from the internet that include macros, in a move to improve security […]

PlayStation Store removes purchased movies from libraries after service shutdown

Sony is removing access to hundreds of movies and TV shows on its PlayStation Store service next month, meaning users that previously paid for titles such as Paddington and The Hunger Games will no longer be able to watch them. The shutdown affects users in Germany and Austria, according to legal notices posted on the […]

TDOX Finance emerges as an Autonomous Yield and Liquidity

TDOX aims to reward its holders while concurrently increasing liquidity directly. TDOX FINANCE introduces the first 100% safe and unruggable meme token on a polygon chain with the target price of $1. TDOX is an autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol on Polygon Chain. In the recent development, TDOX launches the first-ever revolutionary meme token […]

NASA condemns Russian cosmonauts displaying anti-Ukraine propaganda in space

On Thursday, NASA issued a statement strongly condemning the actions of three Russian cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station, who recently posed with flags considered anti-Ukraine propaganda. In pictures posted by Russia’s state space corporation Roscosmos, the cosmonauts are seen holding flags of the Luhansk People’s Republic and the Donetsk People’s Republic — two Russian-backed […]

The TikTok ‘blackout challenge’ has now allegedly killed seven kids

TikTok is facing multiple lawsuits from parents who say their children died of strangulation attempting the “blackout challenge,” after the app showed them videos of other people trying it. One suit filed against the company in June alleges that at least seven specific children died last year while attempting the challenge, which the complaint says […]

GameStop is laying off staff and has fired its CFO

GameStop has been on a wild ride ever since it reached meme stock status, and the company has recently been dabbling in Web3 technologies like NFTs and crypto. More recently, it’s also been laying off employees without much explanation. On Thursday, GameStop internally announced an unspecified number of layoffs — reportedly including some from the […]