NASA teases list of first celestial objects imaged by the James Webb Space Telescope

Today, NASA released a list of celestial targets that will be revealed next week when the agency publishes the first full-color images taken by the James Webb Space Telescope, or JWST. The targets include galaxies, nebulas, and a giant planet outside our Solar System. JWST is NASA’s massive new deep-space observatory, which launched on Christmas […]

Roku’s Streaming Stick 4K is a streaming powerhouse that’s $20 off

Finding a good show to watch after a long day of work can sometimes require too much brain power — at least if you’re as lazy as I am. That’s why a streaming device that’s simple to use, like Roku’s latest Streaming Stick 4K, can be so great. All of your streaming service apps are […]

A major Rogers outage has cut off phone and internet connections across Canada

Rogers has acknowledged a major outage affecting its internet and phone services throughout Canada this morning, affecting cellular and internet connectivity. Downdetector has thousands of reports of issues with Rogers, and problems were reported as early asat around 5AM ET. Another third-party service tracker is reporting Rogers outages across Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Rogers first […]

Elon Musk’s quest to repopulate the Earth

Elon Musk’s pinned tweet is from May. It’s a chart from The Wall Street Journal showing that the US fertility rate has been below the “replacement level” since the 1970s. “USA birth rate has been below min sustainable levels for ~50 years,” was Musk’s contribution to the tweet. He’s been talking about population decline for […]

An enhanced Philips Hue integration is in the works for Samsung SmartThings users

Samsung is planning for deeper integration with Philips Hue lighting in its SmartThings smart home platform. The company tells The Verge that it is working on enhanced music-based experiences that leverage Hue’s smart lighting. This follows a report from SamMobile that claimed a new update to the SmartThings app would let users synchronize their Hue […]

Wearables were starting to demystify reproductive health — then Roe fell

In early May, Ben Smarr published a new study showing that the Oura smart ring can detect pregnancy before most people take a test. It was an exciting finding — earlier detection of pregnancy based on wearable devices could, he wrote in the paper, “increase the agency of pregnant individuals.” Smarr, a data scientist at […]

The risks and benefits of VCs for crypto communities – Cointelegraph Magazine

Traditional venture capital funds drive valuations through multiple funding rounds. Startups aim for initial public offerings or other exits. Then the sharemarket decides upon a more realistic valuation.  But in cryptoland, tokens introduce market capitalization while a company is being built. This means there are a lot of competing interests and agendas. Token sales for […]

Why social networks won’t stop pushing NFTs

The NFT boom of the past couple years appears to be conclusively over for average consumers. For big social networks, though, it appears that the work is just getting started. The latest platform to embrace non-fungible tokens is Reddit, which on Thursday announced the arrival of “blockchain-backed collectible avatars” — unique profile pictures from artists […]