How to enable Android’s TalkBack screen reader

A screen reader is an accessibility tool designed for people with vision impairments. It can read any text, buttons, or image descriptors aloud on a wide variety of devices, including the phones or tablets that run Android. On most Android devices, the screen reader tool is called TalkBack, and there are several ways you can […]

Kirby is always there for us

I am convinced that somewhere deep in the bowels of Nintendo HQ, there is a cabal of game developers in charge of strategically deploying Kirby when things get dire. I mean, how else can you explain the fact that we get not one but two cute as fuck Kirby games in the same calendar year? […]

These are the best laptop deals around for Amazon Prime Day 2022

Amazon Prime Day is one of the few times each year when almost every kind of tech product, including laptops, gets big discounts. We’re bundling some of the best deals to be found on laptops, satisfying people who are looking for something powerful, like a gaming laptop, or something with long-lasting battery life. If you’re […]

Microsoft will sell you a $60 T-shirt with the Windows XP background

Microsoft is launching a new “Hardwear” clothing collection that includes a Windows XP T-shirt. If you’ve always wanted to wander the streets with the Windows XP bliss wallpaper strapped to your back, now is your time. The famous blue sky and green hill are emblazoned on a mustard or black tee, available for $60. The […]

The best Apple deals available for Amazon Prime Day 2022

Amazon Prime Day is a great time to score stellar deals on Amazon devices, but it also provides a rare opportunity to purchase pricey Apple products for a lot less. Right now, for example, you can save big on Apple’s AirPods Pro and the third-gen AirPods models, as Amazon is offering both for nearly their […]

Lofi Girl is back online after “abusive” copyright strikes

YouTube interrupted the beloved Lofi Girl radio channel this week over copyright notices that YouTube later called “abusive” and false. The channel’s streams, which had been running for over two years, relaunched today after being removed on July 10th. The takedown stemmed from a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) demand apparently from record label FMC […]

Marvel at the first batch of full-color images from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

This morning, NASA released even more tantalizing images and data gathered by the agency’s powerful James Webb Space Telescope, showing off vibrant nebulas and exotic galaxies in unprecedented detail. The stunning debut of this cadre of images reveals the diversity of science the observatory will be capable of achieving while it’s in space. The images […]

Spotify is getting deeper into video

It’s a big ol’ Spotify day here at Hot Pod. The company is making moves, acquiring Wordle-inspired music trivia game Heardle, expanding its video podcast reach to new countries, and taking another hit podcast exclusive. Plus, a roundup of the best Prime Day audio deals. Let’s get into it. Spotify acquires music trivia game Heardle […]

Kirby’s rolling to your Switch this summer in Dream Buffet

Kirby’s getting yet another Switch game; this time, it’s a four-player competition to see who can gobble up the most strawberries. The trailer for Kirby’s Dream Buffet has Kirby and friends rolling across food-themed obstacle courses while shapeshifting into desserts, like a cupcake or chocolate bar, that grant him different powers. Kirby’s Dream Buffet looks […]