BTS is coming to Disney Plus

BTS fans have quite a lot of content to look out for on Disney Plus. The streaming service has announced a collaboration with Hybe, BTS’s label, to bring what Disney describes as “five major content titles” to the platform. At least three of those titles are confirmed to feature BTS in some form. The two […]

Is Wink finally dead?

Wink, the once-innovative smart home platform, has been down for two weeks with no sign of a fix. The outage has left customers of the Will-i-am-owned company — who pay $5 a month for the service to run their connected lights, locks, sensors, and other devices through the Wink Hub — completely in the lurch. […]

Alphabet’s Wing is working on larger drones that can handle heavier deliveries

Wing, the drone delivery company operated by Google parent Alphabet, unveiled a series of new prototype aircraft designed to handle a variety of payloads. The company said the new drones will share the same underlying components with the aircraft currently in use delivering pharmaceuticals and other small packages in the suburbs outside of Dallas-Fort Worth. […]

Hot and hyped: inside the strange launch of the Nothing Phone 1

There was a lot riding on Nothing’s Phone 1 launch this week. For months, the company’s CEO Carl Pei, who rose to prominence as one of the co-founders of OnePlus, has been making big promises about Nothing’s first smartphone. “Consumer tech, how did we let it get so boring?” the CEO asked rhetorically during a […]

Porter Robinson on crafting a new anthem for League of Legends

Like many of us, Porter Robinson turned to video games during the pandemic. In particular, the musician got really into League of Legends. He remembers getting his first kill and thinking, “Oh, I get it. I get why people play this. I get why people love it.” It became a hangout for his group of […]

Amazon Prime Day 2022: the best deals you can still get

Prime Day may be done and dusted, but there are still plenty of awesome deals to be found at Amazon and other retailers. There are still plenty of discounts to be found on wireless earbuds, laptops, TVs, games, and more. A few of the highlights still available include the Beats Fit Pro, currently still discounted […]

Razer’s Stream Controller takes on the Stream Deck for $269.99

Razer is going head to head with Elgato’s Stream Deck with the launch of its new Stream Controller. The $269.99 touchscreen device is designed to sit on a desk alongside a keyboard and allow content creators — or anyone, really — to quickly launch shortcuts and control hardware and software on a PC. If you’re […]

Don’t rely on iMessage’s new unsend feature yet

The upcoming version of iMessage will let you unsend and edit messages for up to 15 minutes. Sounds great, very convenient — Signal and WhatsApp and Viber have had similar features for years. You can try it out right now in the public betas for iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura. Just one small […]

White Houses pushes for chips funding as Intel loses patience

It’s been over a year since the Senate passed its bill to boost domestic semiconductor manufacturing — but with time running out before Congress’ August recess, the White House is pushing hard to make sure that funding gets through. On Wednesday, Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo led a classified briefing with senators stressing the importance […]