Xbox is campy now

Xbox has released a clothing and accessory collection dedicated to camping. No, not the video game kind that esports organization 100 Thieves lambasted with its own clothing line — Microsoft’s is about actually getting outside and touching grass. The camper collection includes a variety of shorts, shirts, and headgear, along with things like a hammock […]

London paid a record price for electricity during its heatwave

Last week, the UK reached its highest temperature on record — 40 degrees Celsius, or more than 104 degrees Fahrenheit. On July 20th, as the record-breaking “Red Extreme” heatwave continued to linger, a Bloomberg op-ed reports officials made the decision to pay a record price of £9,724.54 (about $11,685) per megawatt to ensure electricity for […]

Spirit and Frontier Airlines throw out merger agreement

Spirit and Frontier Airlines have tossed out their proposed merger agreement, leaving room for Spirit’s other suitor, JetBlue, to swoop in and score a deal, as first reported by CNBC. Shareholders were expected to reject the deal during a vote today, possibly because of JetBlue’s higher offer, according to The Washington Post. Frontier and Spirit […]

Steam now supports Nintendo’s classic controllers for Switch Online

Steam’s latest update adds support for Nintendo’s classic controllers that it makes for Nintendo Switch. Valve doesn’t specify exactly which controllers are compatible — the language in the patch notes is that Valve has “Added support for Nintendo Online classic controllers” — but the change presumably means you can now use the Switch-specific NES, SNES, […]

Rivian is laying off 6 percent of its employees

Electric automaker Rivian is laying off around 6 percent of its 14,000 employees, or around 800 people, Amy Mast, a spokesperson for the company, confirmed in an email. The company made the decision in part to speed up development on future versions of its electric trucks and SUVs, she said. “Today we announced the difficult […]

Google, like Amazon, may let police see your video without a warrant

Arlo, Apple, Wyze, and Anker, owner of Eufy, all confirmed to CNET that they won’t give authorities access to your smart home camera’s footage unless they’re shown a warrant or court order. If you’re wondering why they’re specifying that, it’s because we’ve now learned Google and Amazon can do just the opposite: they’ll allow police […]

AT&T is not building a cloud gaming business — but it might be angling for a cut

For many months, AT&T has been dangling a tantalizing possibility: what if its network let you instantly try blockbuster games for free? The company started by generically bundling free six-month subscriptions to Google Stadia and then began letting its customers stream full copies of Batman: Arkham Knight and Control over the internet. Next, it hinted […]

Facebook reports drop in revenue for the first time

Facebook’s decade-long streak of nonstop revenue growth has come to end. The social network reported its first-ever yearly decline in revenue for the second quarter, announcing a 1 percent drop to $28.8 billion, and predicted that growth in the third quarter could fall even more. The overall profit for its parent company, Meta, fell 36 […]

Gmail’s new look is now rolling out to everyone

We’ve been tracking the progress of Google’s interface refresh for Gmail since February, and as promised, the company says it’s now becoming available for all Gmail users who have Google Chat. The rework pulls Meet, Chat, and Spaces closer together as part of the overall experience and includes elements from Google’s Material Design 3. It’s […]