Playing Card Shark actually feels like cheating — in a good way

Any of my friends will tell you that I’m a terrible liar — it makes me an uninspired poker player. But in Card Shark, a new game about cheating at cards, I feel like I can actually pull the wool over people’s eyes. In Card Shark, which takes place in 18th-century France, you play as […]

Valve delays Steam Deck dock due to COVID-related shortages and closures

Valve shared yesterday that its official docking station made to pipe the Steam Deck’s visuals to a TV or monitor (and connect a couple of USB peripherals) has been delayed yet again. The dock missed its initial launch window of shipping alongside the first batch of Deck reservations in late February, and a mix of […]

Get another shot at the PlayStation 5 today from Walmart

We’re still seeing short or no supply of PlayStation 5 consoles at many retailers and going weeks between new nationwide restocks. Hopefully, this summer will prove more fruitful, and a good (though small) sign is that Walmart has a PS5 event coming up today. If you’re a Walmart Plus subscriber, you will have the chance […]

Chromebook 101: what’s different about the Chromebook keyboard?

One of the first shocks that you may experience when you buy your first Chromebook probably comes when you look at the keyboard. Where is the Caps Lock key? What (if you have a Pixelbook) is that strange-looking key between the Ctrl and Alt keys? What is that key in the top row that looks […]

Polestar’s experimental EV, nicknamed “Beast,” is getting a limited production run

Polestar’s experimental, high-performance one-off for the 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed — nicknamed “Beast” — is going into limited production. The Swedish EV maker announced plans to make and sell 270 units of the 476-horsepower fastback sedans, with 47 of those vehicles intended for the US market. The Polestar 2 “BST edition 270,” named for […]

Here are the best Kindle deals right now

When it comes to finding a device to use to read your ebooks, you have a few options to choose from. You can always buy a tablet or use your smartphone, but those devices are multipurpose and can be used for a ton of things, like surfing the web or doom-scrolling on Twitter. If you […]

Sheryl Sandberg on leaving Meta after 14 years

When, not if, Sheryl Sandberg leaves Meta has been one of the most speculated questions among current and former employees over the past few years. Even still, the news Wednesday that she will soon leave her position as the social media giant’s number-two executive sent shockwaves throughout the company and the rest of Silicon Valley. […]

NASA outsources development of Moon spacesuit to two private companies

Today, NASA announced that two private companies — Axiom Space and Collins Aerospace — will develop the next-generation spacesuits that future astronauts will wear to conduct spacewalks and eventually traverse the surface of the Moon. It’s a bold new direction for spacesuit development at NASA, with the agency handing the job over to the private […]

Meta COO Sheryl Sandberg is stepping down after 14 years

Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Meta Platforms, announced in a post on Facebook that, after 14 years, she’s stepping down from her position as its second-ranking executive but will retain a seat on the board. Sandberg will leave her post in the fall after spending the next few months working with founder and […]