Apple’s AirTag item trackers drop to their lowest price yet

If you’re an iPhone owner planning on traveling this summer, today’s deal on Apple AirTag location trackers has arrived at the perfect time. Right now, you can buy Apple’s ultra wideband-capable Bluetooth tracker to keep track of your luggage and other items for just $24 instead of $29 from Amazon and Best Buy (until 10PM […]

The first version of Meta’s AR glasses will be for developers only

Meta has decided to not sell the first version of its full-fledged AR glasses, codenamed Orion, and will instead distribute them to developers so they can build software experiences for the device and future versions, a person familiar with the matter told The Verge. The company is also shelving plans to release a smartwatch with […]

Meta will stop making Portal for consumers

Meta plans to stop making consumer versions of its Portal video calling hardware and instead pivot the product line to focus on use cases for businesses, like conference calling. The change in strategy, first reported by The Information and confirmed to The Verge by a source familiar with the matter, comes as Meta is reassessing […]

Get $224 worth of hit Capcom games on PC for just $20

If you’re hyped up today for gaming news, there’s a very special deal running now that you should check out. Humble has a new bundle collecting a whole slew of big Capcom hits from the last bunch of years, including some remastered PS2-era classics. Some notable ones include Street Fighter V, Devil May Cry 5, […]

Spotify comes for audiobooks

This article first ran in Hot Pod Insider, The Verge’s audio industry newsletter. Spotify wants to make audiobooks the next pillar of its business. On Wednesday, company executives pitched the audiobooks business to investors as their next target for industry domination. When they launch the audiobooks vertical (which is TBD), it could have huge ramifications […]

How to change the alert sounds on your iPhone

Apple’s ecosystem can be a little “one size fits all” without a lot of room for personalization (though that’s changing in iOS 16). Customizing your iPhone’s alert sounds can make your device feel a little more personal and fun. And maybe — I’m just spitballing here — you can even make a funny reference to […]

The federal government’s Tesla Autopilot investigation is moving into a new phase

The federal government is upgrading its investigation into over a dozen incidents of Tesla vehicles using Autopilot that crashed into emergency vehicles. The probe is now designated as an “Engineering Analysis,” which is the second and final phase of an investigation before a possible recall. This next phase will involve additional tests and crash analyses […]

NASA is putting together a research team to study UFOs

Today, NASA announced that it is putting together an independent team of researchers this fall to study sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs, the updated term now used to refer to UFOs. The space agency says it plans to study these sightings from a scientific perspective but also stressed that “there is no evidence […]