Walmart and Roku are partnering on “shoppable ads” for your TV

Walmart and Roku are partnering to introduce what they call “shoppable ads,” which will let you buy something directly from an ad on your TV. It seems like the new ad format is intended to streamline the shopping experience so you don’t have to switch to your phone or computer if you see an ad […]

Wasabi Wallet Promises More Privacy for Less with the Release of Wasabi Wallet 2.0

Wasabi Wallet 2.0, an open-source, non-custodial, privacy-focused Bitcoin wallet for desktop is officially up and running. The wallet implements trustless WabiSabi coinjoin over the Tor anonymity network and features numerous improvements on its predecessor. Notably, it enhances Bitcoin privacy with more efficient and less restricted coinjoins. This way, users can reclaim their privacy without requiring […]

Meta is launching an avatar store, and designer clothes are the first products

If you’ve ever thought, “I would like my digital avatar to wear poorly rendered designer clothing,” I have excellent news for you. Meta is launching an online store where Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger users can purchase digital clothing for their avatar. The first brands on the store are Prada, Balenciaga, and Thom Browne, and clothes […]

How to run PugetBench for Photoshop

Puget Systems offers a number of different benchmarks to test out your PC using automated real-world tasks in the Adobe Creative Cloud. Some of them (such as the one for Premiere Pro) are somewhat complicated and can take a while to get up and running. But one of them — PugetBench for Photoshop — is […]

The best phone plans in 2022 (and how to pick one)

Some of us get excited about shopping for a new phone (New technology! Megapixels! Fancy screen!), but none of us enjoy shopping for a new phone plan. It’s always been a confusing experience, and things aren’t getting any easier to understand in the era of 5G. With more 5G spectrum coming online this year — […]

The original Pokémon Snap for N64 is coming to Nintendo Switch Online next week

Nintendo is bringing the original Pokémon Snap for Nintendo 64 to Nintendo Switch Online on June 24th. If you’ve had a hankering to return to the original game after playing last year’s New Pokémon Snap or want to check it out for the first time, you’ll be able to visit Pokémon Island for a photography […]

The best wireless earbuds to buy right now

It’s hard to buy a bad pair of wireless earbuds these days. The market has come a long way since the early era of true wireless earbuds when we had to deal with mediocre sound quality and unreliable performance, all for the sake of ditching wires. Things are much different now. After several product generations […]

SpaceX firings likely violate US labor law, experts say

On Friday, SpaceX fired a group of employees involved in crafting an open letter to corporate leaders that criticized CEO Elon Musk — and labor lawyers now say the firings may have violated US labor law. The letter circulated Thursday calling for stronger anti-harassment policies at SpaceX and a more restrained Twitter presence from Musk. […]

FAA says Verizon and AT&T will soon be able to use the good 5G

The Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, says it expects AT&T and Verizon to be able to more or less fully roll out their 5G C-band networks by July 2023, after multiple delays due to concerns about the radio waves affecting vital safety equipment on planes. The plan, which the FAA says is the result of […]