Android 13’s Easter egg is a delightful kaleidoscope of emoji

In the midst of an otherwise unremarkable new build of Android’s 13 developer beta, 9to5Google uncovered something fun: our annual Android Easter egg. This year’s hidden feature builds on the colorful splash screen from Android 12, this time filling it with emoji. Like, a lot of emoji. The way it functions in the current beta […]

Amazon limits Plan B purchases after demand spike

Amazon is limiting customers to three units of emergency contraceptive pills a week in response to a spike in demand after the Supreme Court ended federal abortion rights, the company told CNBC. Other retailers are also limiting purchases of drugs like Plan B and Aftera — CVS and Rite Aid are likewise limiting customers to […]

Crypto exchange CoinFlex says “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver owes $47 million

One of the difficulties of cryptocurrency is figuring out who to believe. Case in point: the conflict between Mark Lamb, CEO of CoinFlex, and Roger “Bitcoin Jesus” Ver, an early Bitcoin investor. Lamb says Ver owes his company $47 million and is the reason the company froze customer withdrawals last week. Ver denies this and […]

SpaceX asks Starlink customers for support in wireless battle with Dish

SpaceX emailed Starlink customers today asking for help in its battle against Dish Network over radio frequencies for its Starlink internet-from-space effort. Some Starlink customers received an email urging them to contact the Federal Communications Commission and members of Congress in order to support SpaceX in the ongoing dispute. “Today we ask for your support […]

It’s time to jump in another public queue to buy a PS5

Yesterday was a pleasant surprise on the PlayStation 5 console restock front. Sony opened up a public queue for PS5 consoles, and unlike many times before, it stayed open and viable for much longer than usual. Now, there’s another one happening right now, and you can queue up without an invite. There’s no guarantee that […]

Microsoft Edge Collections go full-on Pinterest with inspiration feed and sharing

Microsoft Edge is building what seems like a mini version of Pinterest inside its browser. Its Collections window will soon start displaying a feed of recommended content based on the topics you’ve saved. As someone who has used Edge since the browser first came out, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I never really […]

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are ready to get even freakier in season 3 trailer

Rather than marrying Kite Man (hell yeah) in the season 2 finale of HBO Max’s animated Harley Quinn series, Poison Ivy came to her senses, ditched her fiancé, and finally admitted to Harley that the romantic feelings between them were mutual. After driving off into the sunset with one another, Harley and Ivy are back […]