The FCC authorizes SpaceX’s Starlink system to be used on vehicles in motion

Today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted SpaceX authorization to use its Starlink satellite internet system on vehicles in motion — including cars, trucks, boats, and aircraft. It’s a big win for SpaceX’s Starlink system, potentially opening up the service to a more diverse range of use cases and customers. SpaceX requested regulatory approval from […]

GM’s reportedly only making about 12 Hummer EVs a day

Months after General Motors started delivering its first Hummer EVs, the company is reportedly only producing around 12 of the massive electric trucks a day, according to The Wall Street Journal. That’s an abysmally slow pace, even compared to how many electric trucks other automakers are making: the Journal says Ford’s producing around 150 F-150 […]

New York denies air permit to Bitcoin mining power plant

Bitcoin miners in New York state faced a regulatory blow today as the state denied air permits for a gas-fired power plant used to mine Bitcoin. It’s the latest step that New York has taken to crack down on crypto mining as it tries to meet its goals on climate change. The decision was made […]

T-Mobile 5G home internet reaches 5 million new addresses in the middle of the country

T-Mobile has announced that its 5G home internet service is now available in more cities, spanning parts of Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, and Kansas. The service now covers more than 40 million homes, and earlier this spring, the company said it signed up its one-millionth customer. That’s good news in our landscape of cable internet […]

The Supreme Court just decided a major climate court case

Update 6/30/2022: The Supreme Court ruling in West Virginia v. Environmental protection agency came out today, limiting the agency’s ability to regulate power plant emissions. Read the ruling and dissent here, and read more about what the ruling means for climate action here. Our original article continues below. This week, the Supreme Court is expected […]

Meta warns employees of “serious times” in internal memo listing key product bets

Meta is warning of “serious times” and preparing for a leaner second half of 2022, according to an internal memo circulated to employees this week. The note comes from chief product officer Chris Cox and outlines the company’s priorities and challenges to its business going forward. “I have to underscore that we are in serious […]