Diablo Immortal will launch with native voice chat transcription and speech-to-text

Diablo Immortal is hell, literally, but playing it doesn’t have to be. Ahead of the game’s June 2nd release date, the Diablo team at Blizzard talked about some of the accessibility features they’ve built into Diablo Immortal to make hell that works for everyone. Controller support was something really important to bring to Diablo Immortal. […]

Nintendo’s N64 emulation woes continue with Kirby bug, but a fix is coming

Nintendo has promised to fix an annoying bug that’s cropped up in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, a Nintendo 64 game that’s available via Nintendo’s Online Expansion Pack subscription. According to NintendoLife, the bug makes it so players can’t move if they’re hit by certain enemies or items in the game’s underwater levels. The only […]

Samsung’s reportedly cutting its phone production for 2022

Samsung is reportedly scaling back the number of phones it’s planning on producing in 2022, from 310 million to 280 million, according to SamMobile, which cites a report from Korean outlet Maeil Business News. In absolute terms, that’s still quite a lot of phones, but it’s a relatively sharp decrease from the company’s original goal […]

Analogue Pocket’s first big update is finally coming in July as a beta

Analogue Pocket’s long-awaited 1.1 update will finally be arriving in July, Analogue announced in a short blog post on Friday. The Analogue Pocket OS v1.1 release will include beta versions of the Library, Memories, and FPGA development features, according to the blog post. You can read more about the first two features in our article […]

The Verge’s favorite summer gear for 2022

The last few years have been incredibly hard for almost everyone, so now that summer is about here, it’s a good idea to step outside and decompress a bit with whatever activity suits you best — whether it’s a favorite sport, a long hike, overnight camping, bird-watching, bicycling, or just sitting on a beach and […]

How to change Alexa’s wake word

If you’re getting tired of saying “Alexa” to get your smart speaker’s attention, or if Amazon’s voice assistant keeps thinking you’ve called on it when you haven’t, it might be time to try a new name. Perhaps you’d prefer to invoke the capabilities of the assistant with the word “Computer,” and mimic life on the […]

SEC questions Elon Musk over late Twitter disclosure

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is scrutinizing Elon Musk’s initial disclosure that he’d taken a substantial stake in Twitter. In a letter sent last month, the SEC told Musk that he “does not appear” to have disclosed his acquisition of Twitter shares within the agency’s required 10-day window. The agency also suggested that Musk […]

Hacker accesses a Verizon employee database and tries to ransom the data for $250,000

Verizon is dealing with an incident where a hacker captured a database containing company employee data, including the full names of workers as well as their ID numbers, email addresses, and phone numbers. Motherboard reported that the database is legitimate, as the anonymous hacker contacted them last week, and they were able to verify the […]