Reply All co-hosts Alex Goldman and Emmanuel Dzotsi to leave show

Image: Reply All Reply All co-hosts Alex Goldman and Emmanuel Dzotsi will be leaving the show next month, according to an internal memo obtained by The Verge. It is unclear whether or in what form the show will continue. Gimlet executives emailed staffers Wednesday morning saying “Alex and Emmanuel have both made the decision to […]

Liveness tests used by banks to verify ID are ‘extremely vulnerable’ to deepfake attacks

Automated “liveness tests” used by banks and other institutions to help verify users’ identity can be easily fooled by deepfakes, demonstrates a new report. Security firm Sensity, which specializes in spotting attacks using AI-generated faces, probed the vulnerability of identity tests provided by 10 top vendors. Sensity used deepfakes to copy a target face onto […]

Amazon’s new Fire 7 tablet finally has a USB-C port

The Fire 7 looks the same as ever but has some upgrades under the hood. | Image: Amazon Amazon is updating its small and inexpensive Fire 7 tablet for the first time in three years, and it’s bringing some crowd-pleasing features: the updated tablet will feature USB-C charging, better battery life, and faster performance. Amazon […]

Samsung SmartThings begins testing Matter devices on its platform

Samsung SmartThings is now testing Matter smart home devices to work with its platform. | Image: Samsung SmartThings Matter is picking up steam. Samsung has announced a Partner Early Access Program for its SmartThings smart home platform, allowing companies such as Eve Systems and Aqara to start testing their Matter-compatible devices. What’s notable here is […]

Napster joins Limewire and Winamp by jumping on the web3 bandwagon

Photo by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images They say you can’t keep a good brand down. More accurately, you can’t stop it being opportunistically mined by business types for lingering name-recognition and nostalgia. Case in point: the pioneering peer-to-peer music-sharing-and-piracy service Napster has been bought by a consortium of companies who plan to “bring the […]

Google Messages users in India are reportedly drowning in ads

Indian users of Google Messages are facing a deluge of ads within Android’s default messaging app, 9to5Google reports. Users are reporting being sent multiple ads a day, even if they enable the app’s Spam Protection feature, and blocking and reporting the offending accounts doesn’t appear to prevent ads from different companies appearing. Many of the […]

Google’s finally straightening out its legacy free G Suite mess

Free for people, not businesses. | Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Almost five months after Google announced that it was going to make G Suite legacy free edition users start paying for their accounts, it seems to finally have a path in place that most people will be happy with. According to 9to5Google, […]

Vivo’s new flagship has a bigger, better in-display fingerprint sensor

Vivo has announced its latest flagship phone, the X80 Pro, and its most prominent new hardware feature is a larger in-display fingerprint sensor. The active area is far bigger than the small sensors found on most Android phones these days, meaning it’s easier to unlock the phone without looking at the screen to align your […]